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Driller Assistants - Surface
Forrestfield, Western Australia
Driller Assistant 1
Darwin, Northern Territory

Thanks to leaders like Boart Longyear mineral exploration and drilling operations are safer, more technically advanced and more productive than ever. That means the Drillers and Driller Assistants at our sites are learning more and going home safely.

That’s the promise and the potential for putting in the hard work at Boart Longyear.

It’s tough work; mentally and physically challenging. But here’s why it’s worth it. You’ll be building a career that can take you across the globe, learning and advancing within a team environment that carefully measures and rewards high performance. As we go deeper so does your knowledge, potential, and compensation.

At Boart Longyear, you’ll share a culture and everyday approach to work with thousands of people who simply love what they do. And (okay we’ll say it) you’ll be one of the special few who really dig their job.