Information Technology

Boart Longyear is an innovation company. We rely heavily on the ability to share and manage information on a global platform.

Intelligent technology provides our management team with insight into trends in the remote areas of the world where we provide drilling services. It allows us to effectively manage a growing global manufacturing and supply chain. It keeps us informed of the details surrounding our projects.

Our systems are cutting edge – enabling us to take on projects that are as complex as they are geographically distant. But IT is more than the latest software. Our IT professionals are also experts in collaboration – they work across the group to support wider business goals. They’re fully engaged in the hard work of supporting both internal and external customers and maximizing the value of our assets.

IT serves internal customers in 40 countries. We’re responsible for delivering innovative, reliable and scalable technology and service solutions. Quality is also critical: our teams provide feedback on products before they’re implemented globally to help ensure they meet the highest standards of excellence.

Business Systems Analysts partner with operations in maximizing our Global ERP business solutions by designing, developing and implementing business applications and platforms.

Global Service Technicians globally support our employees across 40 different countries with their IT systems. We also support and troubleshoot the availability of applications, properties, systems, networks and servers.

Business Intelligence Professionals provide leading-edge business reporting capabilities. We are a global leader in business intelligence.

Infrastructure Professionals design and develop architect technical services for end-to-end systems, networks and platforms across 40 different countries.