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Imagine working with the world’s largest drilling company. Explore opportunities today.

Business Services

Professional opportunities are available across Boart Longyear’s many business divisions including finance, HR, IT and legal.


Opportunities within Drilling Services are as diverse as the industries it serves including: construction, environmental, exploration, geotechnical and mining.


Attention to safety and ongoing education is essential to Boart Longyear’s successful daily operations. We welcome applications from skilled and motivated environmental, health and safety specialists looking to join our EHS team.


Our engineering team work closely with project teams to design everything drill-related to service the industry from comprehensive drill rigs to essential diamond drill bits.


Using geoscience and technology, our Geological Data Services (GDS) team provide valuable orebody data to our customers via our innovative tooling.


Our quality products feature across our customers’ operations, adding to their success and ours. Passionate salespeople with drilling and/or minerals exploration experience are urged to join our Products & Sales team.


Our skilled team expertly operate and maintain our global manufacturing facilities to continually produce World-class drilling products.


When stock varies from raw materials to finished products, measured logistics and reliable transportation are key to successful global operations. Our Supply Chain team is detail-oriented, with a contingency for almost anything.

Boart Longyear and You

Find more growth and greater rewards.

When you explore Boart Longyear, you’ll discover a team of fellow travelers who are shaping career success above and below the surface.

If you are looking for a more rewarding job and a wider platform to work on, you’ve come to the right place. We serve customers worldwide and ship product to more than 100 countries. Our global footprint becomes your career road map.

70% of the earth is covered with water. The rest belongs to us. The people of Boart Longyear are focused on driving exploration technology, building relationships with our key customers, and leveraging our unique products and service mix.

One of our key goals lies in creating a consistent customer experience across our entire global platform. Our performance improves as we focus on consistency in training, processes, equipment and delivery in every region, mine site and operating environment.

Now, we just need to get you on the team!


Our Commitment to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

At Boart Longyear we believe that diversity means complimentary minds working together and when we achieve this, the result is a safer and more efficient place of work for us all. The future of Boart Longyear will be one where we transform our workplace to make our tasks easier, safer and more appealing to a greater number of people. By modifying our workplace and the type of equipment and tools we use, Boart Longyear’s vision is to create an environment that is more attractive to the broader population and welcomes all unique attributes a person possesses.


Supporting our workforce and their personal needs.

Here at Boart Longyear, our people are our greatest asset. We strive to provide competitive benefits packages in every country that we work in. The benefits available in each part of the world can vary based on different laws and regulations. Apply today and we can share with you in greater detail the benefits available to you in your local area.

Serving the global mining and drilling industry since 1890.

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Sales Technician - Production Tooling | Boart Longyear Jobs

Job Information

Boart Longyear Sales Technician - Production Tooling in no listing, Mexico

Job Description:

Función General

Realiza el avance del proceso de venta mediante el apoyo al equipo de ventas y administración, para el aumento de las ventas de productos. Desarrolla estrategias para mantener y captar nuevos clientes. Identifica programas para ganar cuota, cumplir o superar objetivos financieros. Organiza y dirige los recursos para apoyar a los clientes. Desarrolla relaciones laborales. Define la estrategia y requerimiento de soporte de servicio.

Funciones Específicas

  1. Realizar soporte técnico de productos in hole tools y brocas en mina.

  2. Elabora y presenta informes de visita a campo.

  3. Ofrece capacitaciones al personal operativo de los clientes.

  4. Realiza seguimiento en campo del buen uso de los productos.

  5. Coordina con la supervisión de la mina acerca de la correcta utilización de productos

Formación Académica

(x) Técnico completo (X) Universitario completo (X) Postgrado


Ingeniero de Minas, Geología, Metalurgista o Técnico de Perforación

Grado Académico Mínimo

(X) Bachiller (X) Licenciado (X) Diplomados, Cursos, etc.

Conocimientos Especializados

Conocimientos sobre maquinaria utilizada en minería, Características y aplicaciones de los productos de la empresa

Conocimientos Complementarios

Inglés intermedio y/o avanzado

MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) - Intermedio

Experiencia Laboral

2 a 4 años de experiencia como mínimo

Los candidatos deben estar ubicados en la ciudad de Hermosillo, Sonora

Para Aplicar. Enviar CV a: y poner en el asunto, "SALTEC"

Auto req ID: 13109BR
Job Code: 150001 Sales Rep 1.08.Professional
Function: Sales and Marketing
Region (Business Group): NAM
Country: Mexico
State/Province: Zacatecas
City: no listing